Friday, September 5, 2008

SEO glossary F-G

feed - This is content that is delivered to a customer via special websites or programs such as news aggregators or readers. An example is the Google Reader - try it if you haven't already.

FFA - FFA stands for Free For All - this is a page or site with many outgoing links to unrelated websites, containing little if any unique content. Link farms are only intended for search spiders, and have little if any value to human users, and thus are ignored or penalized by the search engines.

frames a web page design where two or more documents appear on the same screen, each within its own frame. Frames are to be avoided for good SEO because search spiders often fail to navigate them correctly. Also many users dislike frames because it is almost like having two tiny screen neither of which shows a full page of information at one time.

gateway page Also known as a doorway page - This is a web page that is designed to attract traffic from a search engine and then redirect it to another site or page. A doorway page isn't exactly the same as cloaking but the effect is the same in that users and search engines are served different content.

gadget - Also known as a gizmo or widget, these are small applications used on web pages to provide specific functions such as a number of feed subscriptions, a hit counter or IP map display. Gadgets can make good link bait.

Google bomb The combined effort of multiple webmasters to change the Google search results usually for humorous effect. The “miserable failure” - George Bush (try it out - type miserable failure in Google and do a search).

Google bowling This is the act of maliciously trying to lower a sites rank by sending it links from dodgy sources - Kind of like yelling “Hope the herpes goes away soon!” to your friend as you get off class. According to google's white papers this is usually not much of an issue since webmasters cannot control who links to their site.. don't worry about it too much.

Google juice This is usually referred to as Pagerank in Google, which flows through outgoing links to other pages.

Googlebot This is google’s spider program

GYM The big three search engines - Google, Yahoo and Microsoft